E V E n t S  -  2016 & 2017 Highlights


September 2017

The National Entrepreneurship Award from MoSDE, GoI is back. And #IITMadras (IITMIC) is one of the lead partners.
17 Awards for Young Entrepreneurs below the age of 30: Rs 5Lac prize money with Trophy/certificate for Startup winner
6 recognition awards for Entrepreneurship ecosystem builders: Rs 10 lac, trophy and certificate for winner organisation 

Application closed: http://www.neas.gov.in/

Deadline extended to 30 Sept'17

Brainstorm to Build Domain-specific Start-ups - an IITM impact workshop series   #BrainstormtoBuild
Objective & Audience: These intensive brainstorming sessions are organized by IITMIC & RTBI to deep-dive and understand entrepreneurial opportunities in specific domains. Featuring interactive discussions between faculty, students/ research scholars, alumni, start-ups of IIT-Madras, and members of industry.

The talks and discussions focused on the current gaps and bottlenecks in the industry, needs and entrepreneurial opportunities and what it means in terms of economics & market. Audience participation: over 100+ - start-ups, students, faculty, industry.

Edition 1 - 13 August 2016
Medical Devices

Speakers: Dr. G S Bhuvaneshwar, Siraj Dhanani (founder CEO, InnAccel) and K. Chandrasekhar (founder CEO, Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.)
Moderator: Dr S Mohanasankar (Faculty, IITM & Head, HTIC)

Key Takeaways : • This workshop helped individuals understand the med-tech landscape in the country from an entrepreneurship perspective. • Insights into the med-tech market - barriers, gaps and bottlenecks for existing industry, and the need for startups in this domain • Opportunities for R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service (from med-tech industry perspective) and cost of ownership, revenues and maintenance (from customer perspective)

Edition 2 1 October 2016
Electric Vehicles

SpeakersProf. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Tarun Mehta (founder CEO, Ather Energyand Chetan Maini (Founder & former CEO, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles)  

This session discussed EVs and its potential to significantly increase energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and improve local air quality. Key Takeaways : • Insights on clean vehicle technologies and fuels in use and under development. Electric vehicles represent one of the most promising technologies for reducing oil consumption and cutting emissions. • Understanding of the market and challenges, particularly with technology integration, optimization, and scale-up. • Technology challenges that exist & R&D required for Electric Vehicles to be mass adopted, the economics, and the market for EVs.

Startup Essential Training Series    #startupessential

Financial Planning
3 November 2016

Workshop conducted by 
Mr Subramaniam Iyer, Co-President of Keiretsu Forum Chennai & Singapore chapter (a global angel network). 
See Facebook Post (5300 views)

Pitch Perfect   24 August 2016

Workshop was conducted by Mr Rohit Nallapeta, Founder CEO, AdNuance.com, San Francisco, USA

Pitching is a key skill of every successful entrepreneur. Workshop covered: How do you communicate your business clearly to employees, customers, and investors? What are some common pitching mistakes that make you look inexperienced? What is the best way to pitch your business?  Facebook Post (5.2k views)

Designing Business Model
3 October 2016

Workshop was conducted by 
Mr Subra Iyer, Co-President of Keiretsu Forum Chennai & Singapore chapter 
Facebook Post (7000 views)

Legal Compliance for Startups

30 November 2016

Workshop was conducted by Mr Venkatakrishnan, Founder Partner RVKS, Chartered Accountants

The Fifth Gear Series - accelerate your venture   #iitm5G 
T5G - an interactive event series is created and organized by IITMIC & led by industry experts, serial entrepreneurs and investors. It has been envisioned with the primary intent of helping startups accelerate the growth of their ventures, by tackling some of the commonly faced startup challenges.

2nd Edition of t5G - 10th November 2016 (5pm @ IC&SR)

Topic: "Enterprise Datacenter IT Infrastructure: landscape, trends & Startup opportunities" 
Speaker: Dr Kumar Ganapathy

About Speaker

Dr. Kumar Ganapathy has been a technology entrepreneur over the past 18 years disrupting information technology markets in Enterprise data storage, DSP processing, and wireless technologies. He founded two successful startups, VxTel (VoIP telecom infrastructure acquired by Intel in 2001) and Virident (Enterprise Flash Storage infrastructure acquired by Western Digital in 2013) which were acquired for a combined net worth of over $1.2B. He served in the CTO office of Intel and started his career at Rockwell Semiconductor where he was an Engineering Fellow and Distinguished Engineer. He received his Ph.D from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and B.Tech from IIT Madras in 1987 (Siemens' gold medal) and was recently nominated as Distinguished alumni of IITM in 2016.


Enterprise Datacenter IT infrastructure is a trillion-dollar market that is being disrupted by public clouds enabling the long promised move from build to consume model of IT. This creates a number of unique and interesting gaps for entrepreneurs to solve as enterprises modernize their IT infrastructure towards public and hybrid cloud options. In this overview, will cover a number of key market inflections and technology trends at a very high level, and identify some of the startup opportunities in the next 5-10 years to make the Enterprise cloud infrastructure smart and adaptive while enabling Enterprises to maintain trust and control.

1st Edition of T5G
 - 17th August 2016 (@ IITMRP)
 "Path to Profitability
Speaker: G Venkat 
About the speaker:
IIT Madras alumnus, Venture Capitalist, Author, Entrepreneur (CEO, bitWise Academy) & Strategic Advisor to Hyperverge Inc, 
an IITM incubated & Silicon Valley startup

Key take away:

• "Asking for investment is alike to asking for headache"
• Create cash flow.
• Investment is good for scaling up.

Think Like a Startup series  #ThinkStartup
Feb 2016: Launched at IITM - SEASON I     Nov 2016: Re-vamped - SEASON II

Objective & Audience: An interactive session hosted by IITMIC and RTBI mainly for the students of IIT Madras (with limited external participation) who are interested in the startup ecosystem and for those who are ready to leap into the world of startups. TLAS has taken a new shape and form. The intent is to encourage start-ups to pitch their ideas and get feedback from serial entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors to take the idea forward. 

Join us if you are looking to:  Ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in you | Discover the excitement of having your own venture | Learn how to ride the bumpy road to success,
Through this series we hope to foster fresh, innovative thinking and nurture/strengthen the entrepreneurial culture at IITM. The series, through different interactive formats, will showcaseboth IITM incubated & other innovative startups in the country – the entrepreneurs driving these startups are big thinkers, fuelled by passion & an unbound zeal to create, innovate & experiment.

Come engage with them, learn about their journeys & start your own! 

3rd Ed. of TLAS, Season II - 9th Nov 2016  @ #IITMadras
Topic:  Startup Idea Evaluation: exploring EduTech
Panel: Vaidya Nathan (founder CEO, Classle Knowledge Pvt Ltd.) & Srividya Raman (Director, Tvameva Business Solutions Pvt Ltd)

The sector explored was #EduTechFeaturing aspiring entrepreneurs who believe they have the next million-dollar idea in the EduTech field. Sometimes, just engaging with the right people at the right time and asking the right questions will help a long way in one’s startup journey.
Wonderful path breaking #ideas were presented by 6 shortlisted teams: Vaayusastra, RevoluCian Art for Education, Involve , Rapid Research Centre, ESchool

See Facebook post for photographs from the event (4200 views)

2nd Edition of TLAS, 
 Season II - 28th Sept 2016,  @ #IITMadras campus
Topic:  Start-up Sector Saga: ANALYTICS
Prakash Gurumoorthy  (LinkedIn) - Partner & MD (Asia), BORN Group. Formerly held senior positions in Cognizant Technology Solutions 
Kalyan Vaidyanathan - An IITM alum, Kalyan (LinkedIn) is the cofounder CEO of IITM incubated Nadhi Information Technologies Private Limited (developing analytics & decision support solutions for construction supply chains)
Priyesh IITM Student and founder of FadStreet, a venture-in-making, pre-incubated at Nirmaan, E-cell/CFI. Fabstreet is  developing a wardrobe manager/ recommendation engine using machine learning

A discussion forum with an established entrepreneur, an IITM start-up and a Nirmaan(CFI) start-up. After a brief overview of the data analytics field, Q&A covered possible gaps, entrepreneurial opportunities and the best approaches.
"Data analysis is taking the data and curating and organizing in ways that’s relevant to you and help you make decisions" said Mr. Prakash Gurumoorthy Partner & MD (Asia), BORN Group at the 2nd session of Think Like a Startup #thinkstartup on Analytics. Other speakers in the panel were Kalyan (IITM alum) is the cofounder CEO of IITM incubated Nadhi Information Technologies Private Limited (developing analytics & decision support solutions for construction supply chains) and Priyesh, IITM Student and founder of FadStreet, a venture-in-making, pre-incubated at Nirmaan, E-cell/CFI. Fabstreet is developing a wardrobe manager/ recommendation engine using machine learning.   Facebook Post (470 views)

1st Edition of TLAS, Season II - 24th Aug 2016, 1630 @ #IITMadras campus
Topic:  Startup, Differently
Speaker: Mr Rohit Nallapeta (Founder CEO, AdNuance.com, San Francisco, USA - with AdNuance, he is reimagining the way content is delivered to all digital platforms)
We had a full-house at the 1st session of Think Like A Start-up - 2nd Season.

Rohit (Roy) provided a realistic and practical approach of starting -up using validation idea and techniques to aspiring entrepreneurs. Roy addressed ways to start up differently and more practically. The outcome was to provide a practical approach to entrepreneurs and hobby projects and turn them into real companies with validation techniques and ideas. 
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3rd session of TLAS, Season I - 10th March 2016, 1630 @MRC, IITM campus
Topic:  ''How do you find the right Mentor?" 


Varun Sridharan CEO of Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India

P. Senthil Nathan, Core Alumni Mentor at IITM Entrepreneurship Forum, Co-founder, Benchmark and Relagant 

Ankit Poddar, Founder and CEO of Swadha Energies (IITM incubated company)

Thirupathy Srinivasan, Founder - Ariv Technologies and Mentor- Swadha Energies. 

2nd session of TLAS, Season I - 3rd March 2016, 1630 @MRC, IITM campus
Topic:  ''Startup Asks: Have you found your Co-Founder?"  

Second session in the "Think Like a Startup" where the IITM start-ups at shared the good and not -so-good experience in finding the right co-founder and sustaining it. 

Panel: PiBeam LabsGUVI and Vital Bioscientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Key takeaway: 
A common passion, ability to resolve conflicts by putting the vision of the start-ups ahead of personal goals, complementing each others skill sets and working towards common goals are the key to a healthy and balanced relationship among the co-founders. And of course, it's fun to have a co-founder to share the bumpy start-up journey.

Inaugural session of the "Think Like a Startup" series, Season IStartup NOW or LATER - 25th Feb 2016 at MRC, IITM campus

Our kick-off session was a grand success with a great show by IITM students & Incubatees.

The session was launched by Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala (faculty-in-charge, Incubation at IIT Madras), followed by an overview of the Startup/Incubation ecosystem at IITM Research Park by Dr Tamaswati, CEO, IITM Incubation Cell.

Our panelists for the evening were Founders of AirwoodFib-Sol Life Technologies and Uniphore. 1hr fireside chat with our incubatees was moderated by Ms Suma Prashant, Director, IITM's RTBI. The session was attended by over 70 students (BTech, Masters & PhD).

A great evening, with insights into what, how & when should students think about starting a Venture. Short stint in Industry post graduation certainly adds to the experience & wisdom of young entrepreneurs: need to understand the potential/target market and finding the right 'idea-market' fit, raising enough risk capital from 3Fs (friends, family & fools) to test your idea (proof of concept) are essential. However, a supportive ecosystem as in IIT-Madras has allowed many students to embark on the entrepreneurial journey, while or immediately after graduation due to exposure to innovation hubs such as Cfi, IitmEntrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras, joint technology development (or/& mentorship) with Faculty members, interaction with our Alumni body (serial entrepreneurs & Industry heads), IITM Incubators and existing IITM incubated companies.

Look forward to seeing you all at upcoming sessions (details to follow soon) - "hear it from IITM incubated companies"

Good article to read up: http://yourstory.com/2015/10/starting-up-after-college

O T H E R   E V E N T S  > (2016)

Amazon Web Services Thought Leadership Session

Techsaloon: Innovation at IITMIC (feat. Planys & Docsapp), Featuring Saloni Malhotra, Higgs Boson

E-summit 2016
Kanwal Rekhi visit