IITMIC T r a i i n g   S e r i e s   -  A r c h i v e s

U.S. Corporate and Finance Laws | 15 October 2014

Workshop“U.S. Corporate and Finance Laws”
Date: Wednesday, 15th  October between 4 - 6 pm 
Venue: IITM Research Park
Speaker: Anil Advani, Managing Partner, Inventus Law

About the Workshop. This will be a great opportunity to ask Anil Advani from Inventus Law, a Global Technology Law Firm based in Palo Alto, pertinent questions relating to U.S. corporate and finance laws, like:
A.      Incorporation in the U.S.: when, where and how to incorporate.
B.      Equity Structure:
    •  Specific Issues relating to India based founders and angel investors
    •  ​putting together the company’s initial cap table
    •  electing the company’ board of directors and officers
    •  structuring the founder stock, vesting and acceleration; “single trigger”, “double  trigger” acceleration
    •  setting up the employee stock plan: working with advisors, consultants, board advisors,  andcofounders
    •  protecting the company’s IP
C.      Seed/Angel Financing:
    • Term Sheet: Material Terms; variations between Delaware Corporate Laws and India Companies Act.
    • Documentation
    • Diligence
    • Closing Process
About the Speaker: Anil Advani specializes in the representation of early stage startup companies, venture funds, institutional angel investors and many prominent angel investors in silicon-valley and India. In the last 12 years practicing law in Silicon Valley, Mr. Advani has represented more than 900 startup companies and numerous founders, venture capital investors, angel investors, and venture lending and leasing sources on issues relating to formation, founder issues, consulting and advisory arrangements, capital structuring, angel financings, venture financings, debt financings, leasing, strategic licensing and customer arrangements, and mergers and acquisitions. To read more please visit http://www.inventuslaw.com/team.html

Legal compliance for Social Enterprises | 26 September 2014 | co-hosted with Villgro

"Legal Compliance session for Social Enterprises"
Date: 26 September
Time: 3 - 7pm
Venue: IITM Research Park, Ground Floor
Co-hosted: Villgro, RTBI and IITMIC

About the Session: This workshop will deal with nuances of various laws & legislation affecting social impact organizations in India, including in particular, the Trusts Act, Societies Act, Companies Act, Income Tax Act, FCRA and other allied laws. The object of this workshop is to demystify the law and empower participants with sound working knowledge of the various dos & don't under law in order to stay legally and fiscally compliant. 
The module will cover: 
Choice and Process of registration 
Differences between Trust, Society & Company 
Income Tax Exemption & Tax Deductions for Donors 
FCRA 2010 Act & Rules 2011 & implications
About the Speaker: Noshir Dadrawala has studied law, especially non-profit law. He is a Fellow of the New York based Centre for the Study of Philanthropy. Noshir has been the Chief Executive of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy (CAP). In his capacity as CEO, Noshir is consulted for advice on matters such as the choice of set-up of non-profit organizations, integrated legal and fiscal compliances, Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA) and good governance best practices.

Architecting Consistent Sales Engines | 18th September 2014

Workshop“Architecting Consistent Sales Engines”
Date: Thursday, 18th September between 3 - 5 pm
Venue: Research Park
Speaker: Balaji Chakravarthi, Founder, ScoVelo Consulting
About the Workshop. With so many products and services competing with each other in the market place and the global market being accessible to every single competitor, it becomes extremely difficult for early stage/growth stage startups to differentiate and to create the first few customers and scale it out. It becomes very important for the founders to build in lots of science in the process and to make sure that they have the shortest path to closure.
This workshop discussed the prospect’s landscape and aspects of Sales Planning on Segment, Target and Value Proposition with time tested live examples. Founders spend a lot of time, energy and money in selling, but if they plan and identify the right companies to focus on, target the right buyers within those organizations and articulating the right value proposition to those buyers, they can be successful in selling. 

About the Speaker. Mr Balaji has been a start-up sales leader right from the beginning of his career of 20 plus years(12 plus years as VP of Sales) of experience in the IT industry. He has worked in 3 Start-ups, acquired the first customer for his organizations 8 times, innovated and scaled a tele-sales model to sell software services on the phone, and has built sales organizations from scratch many times over in his career in multiple markets. Balaji has also handled large sales teams for expansion stage companies and totally understands the issues that these organizations faces right from hiring the right employees , holding them to scaling the teams and making them perform. Balaji is associated with Incubators/Accelerators such as  CIIE – IIM AVillage Capital , Founder Institute ,  Times of India – TLabs , CIBA – Goa, ISB - DLabs as Sales Mentor. Balaji teaches Marketing (Visiting Faculty) at NIT Kozhikode and have done workshops across IIM Bangalore(Eximius) , IISc Bangalore Great Lakes - Chennai and TAPMI – Jaipur  to the students on B2B Sales.

Innovation Readiness Program | 21st August 2014

“Innovation Readiness Program: How to take Technology to the Market successfully?”  
Date: Thursday, 21st August between 3 - 5 pm
Venue: IITMIC 
Speaker: Arun K Narasani (LinkedIn), founder, ipMetrix - Research, Protection, and Licensing
About the Workshop: The session introduces key concepts in innovation and explores the issues related to bringing a technology to market through various examples. The examples help illustrate the key challenges you will face as an innovator and help you explore your own technology effort.
The issues that will be covered in the session include:
·      Articulating the technology and its benefits
·        Basics of IP and role of IP in commercialization
·        Assessing competition and obtaining market validation
·        Pitching your story in the right way to attract investors and partners

MSME Schemes supporting entrepreneurship program | 23 July 2014


Date: 23rd July 2014between 3 - 430 pm    |     Venue: Hall 1, IITM-RP

Profile of presenter: Dr N Karthikeyan, Investigator (Chemical) from MSME DC office, Chennai 
To read more: Link

Decoding Start-up Finance: Capital Raising | 28 June

Date: Saturday, 28th June between 2:30 pm - 7 pm
Venue: Hall 1, Ground Floor, IITM Research Park
About the Workshop: Intended to help entrepreneurs build their understanding on the amount of capital required, understand valuations and how to approach an investor, the due diligence process, post investment challenges, and exit options. This was followed by a mentoring session where a few selected participants had the opportunity to get a one-on-one meeting with serial entrepreneurs, senior investors and sector experts to address operational challenges.

A very well attended event, with over 80 participants. 
Mentors present:
  • Aditi Srivastava - Head, Intellecap Impact Investment Network

  • Gagandeep Bakshi - Head, Investment Banking Group, Intellecap

  • Ajay Maniar - Principal, Aavishkaar Venture Management Services

  • Meenakshi Kishore - Senior Manager, Sankalp Forum

  • Paul Belknap - Program Head, SEED, Villgro Innovation Foundation

Workshop - IBM's Global Entrepreneurship Program and the 'Bluemix platform' | 6 June

Introduction to IBM’s Global Entrepreneurship Program and Bluemix platform
Date: Friday, 6th June between 2 - 4 pm 
Hosted by IITM-IC
Profile of the Presenter: IBM's GEP team members
AGENDA: 2 - 4 pm 
  • ​​​​​Introduction to Global Entrepreneur​ship Program ​​
  • ​IBM's Bluemix
    Bluemix is a PaaS offering on the Cloud. BlueMix is IBM's open platform for developing and deploying omni-channel applications, such as mobile and Web applications. It delivers a set of pre-built services and hosting infrastructure to host application and business logic for mobile and web developers.
    Built on the Cloud Foundry open source technology, BlueMix provides a combination of pre-built (Mobile) Backend as a Service (MBaaS) capabilities and offers more control to the developers to drop down and leverage its open Cloud Foundry-based Platform as a Service offering. In both cases, the aim is to simplify the application development needs of a developer by providing services that are ready for immediate use and hosting capabilities to enable internal scale development and delivery of applications.
  • Q&A Session

Amazon Web Services activate program for Startups | 7th May 2014

Date: Wednesday, 7th May 2014 at 2 pm 
Venue: Hall 3, IITM Research Park
Closed event: Pre-registration required 

Profile of the Presenter: Ganesh Raja & Praveen Jayakumar, Solution Architects, Amazon Seller Services Pvt Ltd

Short Introduction to the topic and its relevance to entrepreneurs:
Nothing ever gets built without an idea first. And start-ups are no different: they start with a simple thought, a small idea. But what’s next? That idea then needs to be developed into a product and into a business. For that to happen, any start-up naturally moves through a number of stages in its lifecycle. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has helped many successful start-ups throughout this lifecycle. Start-ups like Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram and Pinterest as well as many other start-ups in India have all benefited from AWS as they went from initial idea, to ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP), to scale and ultimately to a successful, profitable business.
This talk will provide an overview of the start-up lifecycle and explain the benefits of adopting the right infrastructure services in each stage. It will guide through why and how to build your start-up on AWS. The talk will be followed by a 1-on-1 interaction with Solution Architects and AWS experts to deep-dive into your specific architecture. 

Attend this session to learn more about:
• The AWS Cloud platform and services
• How successful start-ups have leveraged AWS across their lifecycle
• Case studies such as Instagram, Pinterest and Indian marquee customers
• Best practices for cost aware architecting, running lean, etc.
• Lean Startup Implementation on AWS 

Who should attend?
Entrepreneurs, Developers, Technical and Business Professionals working in Startups 

2 - 3 pm:  ‘Enabling the Lean Startup with the right Infrastructure Web Services’  - Open to all startups and aspiring entrepreneurs (with prior confirmation)
3 - 6 pm: ‘1-on-1 deep dive session with AWS Experts’  - Open Only to Incubatee startups based on prior registration

Business Plan Boot Camp | 11-13 April 2014

Facilitators: Muthu Singaram and team

Guest speakers and mentors facilitated by TiE-Chennai (link)

Dates: Friday, 11th April – 13th April 2014 

Venue: IITM-IC, 3rd Floor, Research Park


Now that you understand why you need a business plan and you've spent some time doing your homework gathering the information you need to create one, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get everything down on paper. This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs understand the essential sections of a business plan: what you should include, what you shouldn't include, how to work the numbers and additional resources you can turn to for help. The program will be delivered over 2 days, end of which individual Incubatee teams are expected to have in hand a workable business plan (version 1).

Program Benefit

  • Understand how to write a business plan
  • Understand the various business models
  • Understand various components to support the business
  • Understand success factors and challenged faced by start-ups

Workshop Outline:     Available to participants only

Participants: 8 incubatee teams (20+ people)

Intellectual Property Rights Workshop | 28 March 2014, 3-6 pm

Facilitators: Mr Syed and Mr Arun Devdas, ipMetrix (formerly Brain League IP Services) 

Venue: IITM-IC Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Research Park 
The purpose of this workshop is to understand the fundamentals behind the identification, protection and leveraging of intellectual property (IP). At the end of this seminar, participants should be able to identify those aspects of their enterprise that could benefit from IP protection, understand the basic methods of securing protection for their IP and understand the scope of services offered by ipMetrix to start-ups at IITM.

About IPMetrix (link
ipMetrix, formerly Brain League IP Services, is a full service IP firm with operations in US and India (Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai). It also provides IP services to IITM and RTBI. The founders and team members bring in more than 10 years of excellence in IP services in India and abroad. ipMetrix started its journey almost 10 years ago at the NSRCEL incubation center, IIM-Bangalore, when Brain League IP Services was founded.
ipMetrix offers solutions in the areas of IP protection, IP research and IP commercialization. Their solutions cover the entire spectrum of IP lifecycle, enabling them to act as a virtual IP department to our clients.

The workshop broadly covered the following topics:
  • Protection of IP related work, enforcing rights to protect your invention and IP work from infringement, theft and counterfeit by third parties.
  • Syed will provide insight about patenting & Industrial Design services from technical perspective
  • Arun Devdas shall be briefing audience about importance of Trademark, Copyright and other IP corporate matters related to Law
  • Services offered to incubatees (at IITMIC and RTBI)

Exploring the applications, uses of Business Case, Business Model and Business Plan | 5 March 2014

An 1 hour workshop conducted by Muthu Singaram (founder, Vibazone) followed by Q&A session

Venue: IITMIC conference room, IITMRP    |    Attended by 12 incubatees

To view the presentation slides, click the image below

Fundamentals of Accounting and Project Finance | 19 February 2014, 3-530 pm

Attendees: IITM-IC & RTBI Incubatees (15 persons) and management

Speaker: Mr Raghunath, Senior Incubation Officer, RTBI

About speaker: Raghunath has over four years experience at different roles in the technology consulting industry with a MBA degree (Banking and Finance) from Birmingham Business school, UK
The following topics were introduced during this session:

· Difference between Financial and Managerial accounting.
· Various ratios and their purpose.
· Direct and Indirect costs
· Fixed and Variable costs 
· Opportunity Costs
· Financial Market – Funds Diagram
· Capital Budgeting and Capital Structuring decisions
· Working Capital decision 
To view the presentation slides, click here

This session was followed by a Q&A Session where Raghunath addressed questions raised by participant entrepreneurs.

Fund Raising | 9 January 2014, 3-5 pm

Attendees: IITM-IC & RTBI incubatees, IITM students

Speaker: Muthu Singaram (Entrepreneur-in-Residence, IITM-IC)

About speaker: Muthu is the founder of Muthu Singaram Consulting, co-founder of PQMDC, India and OdrWorld.com and the managing trustee of Belief (Blue Equator Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundation) which promotes rural education. He is also the founder of Virtual International Business Accelerator (VibaZone) based in several locations where the vision is to develop and provide a virtual community of entrepreneurs or anyone wishing to participate in building or rowing a sustainable business in any area/industry. Muthu has been involved in several start-ups over the last two decades.

EIR Program introduced – joint initiative by IITM-IC and RTBI and the first EIR, Mr Muthu Singaram. Objective of the EIR program is to provide incubatees an opportunity to interact one-on-one with accomplished entrepreneurs. 

“Fund Raising” - The floor was open for interaction session where Muthu addressed questions from the start-ups in the area of fund raising and shared his experience to address the issues faced by start-ups in this area. Also discussed: product versus service fund raising, grants versus investments, at which stage should one go for grants or investments, different types of grants available, and valuation differences for various modes of funding – grants or investments in form of equity or loan.

Making Sense of Marketing | 26 December 2013, 3-5 pm

Co-hosted: IITM-IC and RTBI

Attended by incubatees and students @ IITM 

Guest Speaker:  Pramod Harith, founder and Director of CMO Axis, a Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) company

A marketing & sales professional with over a decade of experience, Mr Pramod has played leadership roles in marketing & business management in some of the country's most admired businesses including Times of India, Usha International, SSI and MeritTrac. Recently, he was heading strategic marketing for MeritTrac, managing "brand MeritTrac" from a start-up to one of India’s most respected brands in the HR space. His core areas of expertise include building brands, research-based consulting, product management and go-to-market.

Mr Pramod started his talk with the difference between sales and marketing. Then he went on to cover the right time for marketing for start-ups and importance of knowing the critical levers in the individual company’s ecosystem. He then elaborated on segmentation, segment validation, targeting, targeting strategy, and positioning. He concluded the session with bootstrap marketing tips and measuring return on investment done on marketing. Also he touched upon “pay as you use” marketing services offered by CMO1 which is a new platform promoted by CMO Axis for SMEs.

Pramod addressed questions raised by participant entrepreneurs on how targeting, segment validation and positioning can be applied for their individual products/ services. He was happy to share his contact (pramod.harith@cmoaxis.com ) with the attendees to take up any marketing related query/discussion on an individual basis.

My Story session | 28 Nov 2013, 3-430 pm

Co-hosted: IITM-IC and RTBI

Guest Speaker: Mr Rajesh Kumaralumnus (IITM & IITK), Founder and Managing Director, Aaum Research & Analytics Pvt Ltd (link)

Incubated by RTBI in 2008the company develops analytical techniques to solve business needs of corporations ranging from finance, insurance, HR, social media, health care, entertainment, FMCGs, retail, telecom, market intelligence and livelihood.

The session started with attendee entrepreneurs introducing themselves and their business profiles to the speaker. Rajesh Kumar spoke of his journey as an entrepreneur and further went on to highlight his learning from his experience. There was a detailed discussion on one of his products geniSIGHTS. He also explained how analytics using statistical tools can be customized and used for various industries. This was followed by an interactive session where questions included: recruitment in startups, ESOP, customer management and how to pitch in the analytics business. A few technical questions were also raised.
E-Week (Entrepreneurship week) @ IITM - March 2014

Entrepreneurship Week at IITM: Incubation Drive on 15 March at IITM Research Park

Are you a prospective entrepreneur in need of support for your venture? 

Come showcase your business plan at the IITM Incubation Drive  
Date: 15 March 2014, 2 - 4pm
Venue: Hall 1, IITM Research Park
Event co-hosted by IITM Incubation Cell and IITM's RTBI

Who should apply?
Do you have an idea/innovation/IPR that you think is ready for commercialization? Are you in the process of setting up a technology and/or knowledge-based venture and require incubation support through the start-up phase? 
Come showcase your business plan and be considered for incubation at IITM!

How it works?
You present your pitch highlighting where applicable, your concept, work done, and any information pertaining to market analysis, growth plans, funding requirements, financials etc., for evaluation by a panel drawn from representatives of IITM Incubators (IITM-IC, RTBI and Bio-incubator​) and the IITM Entrepreneurship Forum (IITMEF).
How to apply?
Interested participants must fill a pre-registration form (link) to events_c-tides@wmail.iitm.ac.in by Saturday, 8th March 2014. Applications will be assessed and those selected will be invited to give a 10 min business plan pitch presentation on 15th March, followed by Q&A from the panel.
Benefits of incubation: Startups across different sectors and stages have varied needs whether by way of infrastructure, mentoring or investment. Specialized Business Incubators at IITM have developed various initiatives to meet such needs, geared towards providing relevant networks, business support services, mentoring and funding for diverse  startups. 

When: March 9-15, 2014    |     Where: IIT-Madras

Who should attend: Any faculty, staff, student or alumni with an interest in Entrepreneurship

Sunday, March 9th : E-Week Kick-Off
Events: The Inaugural will session will present the IITM Incubation Eco-system and the Incubation process at IITM. This will be followed by a panel discussion on Incubation at IITM with 5 entrepreneurs who have been incubated over the past year. This is a great opportunity to meet people from the IITM Incubation Cell and to ask questions on Incubation.
           Time: 4:00-6:00 p.m    | Venue: ICSR Auditorium
Monday, March 10th: My Story Session 1: The Joys and Challenges of Entrepreneurship
Events: Listen to and interact with successful entrepreneurs (from inside and outside the IITM Ecosystem) talk about their experiences and share their stories.
Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m    Venue: ICSR Auditorium
Tuesday, March 11th: Innovation Clinic
Events: Prospective entrepreneurs present early stage ideas to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Key themes this year are Socially Relevant Ventures, Business Services and Web-based/Mobile Apps. Audience is welcome 
This event involves Pre-Registration. To Pre-register, send an email to events_c-tides@wmail.iitm.ac.in and provide your name and venture area.  
Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m    Venue: CRC
Wednesday, March 12th: Student Innovation Day
Events: Students can showcase their innovations either in the form of a poster or a prototype, and receive feedback on the commercial potential of their ideas.
Registration is still open. If you have an idea that you have worked on, send an email to events_c-tides@wmail.iitm.ac.in and provide your name and a brief description of your idea.  
Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m    Venue: CFI
Innovation Day
What: Prospective entrepreneurs and innovators will display posters and prototypes of ideas that they have been working on in an 'open-house' format. 
A group of seasoned entrepreneurs/investors will act as a sounding board to help discuss the commercial potential of these ideas. 
Where: CFI (Center for Innovation)
Wednesday, March 12th: Faculty Entrepreneurship Forum | Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m    Venue: ICSR Hall 2
'I Have a Product Idea, How do I Proceed?'
What: This event is primarily aimed at faculty intending to commercialize research (although interested student/staff/alumni are welcome to attend as well). 4 panelists will conduct an interactive discussion on this topic. 
The panelists and the topics that they will speak on are:

1. Mr Srinivas Sundar -- Ex CGM of SBI, Member Board of Directors, Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC)
Topic: Does your "choice of product" meet the customer/ market need. Calculated risk taking.

2. Mr V.Sekar Jt MD, Formulated Polymers Ltd. Chairman, Indian Plastic Institute, Chennai chapter.
Topic: The problems you may face on the way to commercialization. "Dar kay aagay jeet hai" 

3.Mr Debajyoti Ray Choudhury -- Deputy General Manager and Head, Project Finance Cell, Commercial Branch, State Bank Of India.
TopicDifferent schemes for financing your project. 

4. Mr S.M.Jamkhandi -- Director, MSME Development Institute
Topic: Statutory clearances 101 for entrepreneurs

Thursday, March 13th: My Story Session 2: The First Step
 Events: Listen to 5 current student entrepreneurs talk about their experiences and share their stories.
          Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m    MRC
Friday, March 14th: Faculty Innovation Day
Events: Five IITM faculty present and discuss challenges in commercialization
Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m    Venue: ICSR Hall 2

When: 5-7 p.m @ ICSR Hall 2
Saturday, March 15th: Incubation Drive
Events: Anyone with an idea/innovation that is ready for commercialization and would require incubation support through the start-up phase can present their business plan and be considered for incubation at IITM!
Registration is still open. If you are interested in incubation, please fill out the attached form and submit to events_c-tides@wmail.iitm.ac.in.
               Time: 2:00-4:00 p.m    Venue: IITMRP Hall 1
Saturday, March 15th: Closing Session – Panel Discussion on Entrepreneurship@IITM
Events: E-week concludes with a panel discussion on the way forward for entrepreneurship@IITM. Panelists include our Director Prof Bhaskar 
Ramamurthi, Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala and representatives from the Alumni and Entrepreneur Communities.

               Time: 5:00-7:00 p.m Venue: ICSR Hall 2
We look forward to your participation.

December 16th, 2013: Entrepreneur Speaker Series


It is a ticketed event, but we are happy to offer 15 free tickets to IITMIC and RTBI incubatees. Tickets are available here.
Startup Grind Chennai hosts Suresh Kalpathi (Angel Investor; Founder - AGS, Kalpathi Investments, SSI)

A successful entrepreneur, who he is currently an active venture capitalist, angel investor and businessman. He starting off his entrepreneurial journey in 1991 with SSI Ltd, which was one of India's leading IT and IT Training Firms. He had successfully bought out Aptech and merged SSI's education arm with Aptech. He later sold SSI to the PVP Group for around INR 10 Billion. Having built and created a hugely successful global brand, the Kalpathi Group has now turned its focus on encouraging young entrepreneurs to create new global brands with their flagship company Kalpathi Investments, a Chennai based VC Fund. The group is also developing an entertainment business on its own under the brand of AGS that includes production, distribution and exhibition.

6:30 PM Networking and Food 
7:00 PM Fireside Chat 
8:00 PM Networking

First 'Entrepreneur Speaker Series' co-hosted with IITM's RTBI and Startup Grind on 16th Dec at IITMRP. 
Take-away from the session:

About Starting up
- Leaving the job, Leaving the comfort zone is 50% of the battle won
- Clarity and ability to create absolute value is 25% of the battle won
- Financing, Structuring, Growth are final 25% of the battle won

Clarity about Creating Value, Scaling up is very important.
Plan B should always be ready (eg. 2000-2001 crash)
Take risks with Equity early on. Equity is your plan B.

From the VC POV
- VC look for exits. 3 - 5 years
- VCs time their exit to maximize value
- Different risk aptitudes depending upon the funding source

Kalpathi Investments
- Invest in Agriculture, Education, IT, Entertainment and Micro-finance
- Come in at extreme early stage. Not valid if you already have a investor
- Look for momentum in Customer Acquisition
- Business plan not always required. They help companies build a reasonable business plan

General philosophy
- Basics never change
- Set benchmarks, they give you momentum
- Entrepreneurship is like a train journey - know where to get off, inform people, take caution that your getting off does not derail the train
- Quality of your business plans tells about the quality of your team
- Keep learning. Relationships then have respect. (eg. learning finance during IPO to publish 1st report for the shareholders)

PANIIT 2013 Business Plan Competition | Deadline for submission - Oct 13 2013

Are you innovative? Are you up for the entrepreneurial challenge? Then get your business plan ready and participate in the PANIIT business plan competition.
Who can participate? Any team with at least one member from the IIT community, which includes current students, alumni, staff, spouse or children of alumni.
For more information click here

Funding from Centre for IC&SR to student entrepreneurs - 13 Sept 2013
Innovative Student Projects: To encourage Innovative Projects which will have scope for incubation and lead to potential enterprises, the Centre for IC&SR will provide financial support to students of B.Tech., Dual Degree and M.Tech. Funding will be for a maximum of Rs.2 lakhs per project. No major equipment can be purchased or staff appointed out of this grant. Every year, the Centre for IC&SR will issue circular inviting project proposals from students through the Guide and HoDs for financial support of IC&SR. Students should send their Project proposals to IC&SR in form S 14 through the faculty guide and the concerned HoD.

15-26 July 2013: Entrepreneurship Development Program

Organiser: The Centre for IC & SR in association with IITMIC, IITMEF, CFI and C-Tides
Program agenda: Achievement motivation training, marketing, basic accounting, break even analysis
Venue: IC & SR building

13-14 April 2013:  Biofest was a grand success. The two-day event was organised by the Department of Biotechnology, IITM the second time with a mission of promoting research and innovation in various fields of Bioengineering and Biosciences. Being one of the few student-organized technical festivals, Biofest provides an ideal platform for industry-academia and industry-student nexus. The Biofest open quiz was the highlight of the event. About 40 teams registered for the event. Jayadev Bhaskaran and Aravindabharathi R from IITM won the first prize of Rs 4000. The fest also showcased K Rajeshwari’s talk on the path of a technopreneur. She is the founder and managing director of Bioklone, Chennai.