E V E n t S  -  2018 & 2017 Highlights

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Brainstorm to Build Domain-specific Start-ups - an IITM impact workshop series   #BrainstormtoBuild

Objective & Audience: These intensive brainstorming sessions are organized by IITMIC & RTBI to deep-dive and understand entrepreneurial opportunities in specific domains. Featuring interactive discussions between faculty, students/ research scholars, alumni, start-ups of IIT-Madras, and members of industry.

The talks and discussions focused on the current gaps and bottlenecks in the industry, needs and entrepreneurial opportunities and what it means in terms of economics & market. Audience participation: over 100+ - start-ups, students, faculty, industry.

Edition 1 - 13 August 2016
M E D I C A L   D E V I C E S

Speakers: Dr. G S Bhuvaneshwar, Siraj Dhanani (founder CEO, InnAccel) and K. Chandrasekhar (founder CEO, Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.)
Moderator: Dr S Mohanasankar (Faculty, IITM & Head, HTIC)

Key Takeaways : • This workshop helped individuals understand the med-tech landscape in the country from an entrepreneurship perspective. • Insights into the med-tech market - barriers, gaps and bottlenecks for existing industry, and the need for startups in this domain • Opportunities for R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service (from med-tech industry perspective) and cost of ownership, revenues and maintenance (from customer perspective)

Edition 2 1 October 2016
E L E C T R I C   V E H I C L E S

SpeakersProf. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Tarun Mehta (founder CEO, Ather Energyand Chetan Maini (Founder & former CEO, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles)  

This session discussed EVs and its potential to significantly increase energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and improve local air quality. Key Takeaways : • Insights on clean vehicle technologies and fuels in use and under development. Electric vehicles represent one of the most promising technologies for reducing oil consumption and cutting emissions. • Understanding of the market and challenges, particularly with technology integration, optimization, and scale-up. • Technology challenges that exist & R&D required for Electric Vehicles to be mass adopted, the economics, and the market for EVs.