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IITM Incubation Cell nurtures technology ventures through their start-up phase by providing all the support necessary to help entrepreneurs establish themselves before they scale up their ventures. IITMIC seeks to support entrepreneurs translating innovations into products and services that are commercially viable. Admission to IITMIC is open to:
  • Faculty and staff (current and retired) including adjunct faculty of IIT-Madras : IIT-Madras Business Incubation Policy (open PDF)
  • Students and current Project staff of IITM
  • Alumni (any IIT)
  • External startups (with strong technology base or affiliation to IITM as R&D partners)
  • Proposals with strong social & strategic impact

I N C U B A T I O N  P R O C E S S  &  S U P P O R T  a v a i l a b l e                      

Admission to IITMIC involves: submit an e-application, screening (proposals are examined with attention to financial and technical due diligence) and a final approval by an Incubation Committee. An Agreement is executed to commence formal incubation under IITMIC. Incubation support is offered for 18 months.

IITM Incubation Cell Policy and Procedures (open PDF)
Incubation Floor, Phase II of IIT Madras Research Park
Post Incubation: 

Incubatees may be offered shared office space at IITMIC on a case-by-case basis. Mature start-ups may apply for independent office space at IITMRP at subsidized rentals, based on availability. IITMIC will also actively support incubatees with a combination of inputs including:

  • Branding – incubatees may apply for permission to brand themselves as “IIT Madras Incubated Company” 
  • Get support on obtaining recognition under STARTUP INDIA program, DIPP, GoI
  • Business support services – in-house consultants offering Accounting, tax, company secretary, legal and IP services 
  • Mentoring  
  • Permission to use laboratories, workshop facilities and equipment at IITM
  • Seed Funding –  IITM Startup Fund and Government Seed Support (MSME grant, DST-TDB/DeiTY seed funds) | all subject to availability
  • Networking
    • Our 200 ventures engage actively with each other to leverage collective knowledge and networks
    • Networking and Events
    • Introduction to Angel investors/VCs/financial institutions; IITM visitors (industry, alumni)
    • Facilitate hiring of student interns from IITM
    • Supporting innovation & pre-incubation activities in IITM campus
    • Training - leveraging resources of IITM alumni network and ecosystem partners: IIT-AIIC, Keiretsu Forum, TiE Chennai, others

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