A P P L Y    f o r    I n c u b a t i o n
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We encourage budding entrepreneurs to apply to us for incubation. We aim to focus on incubation support to "technology" start-ups (technology shouldn't be confused as Information Technology only). However, we are open to exploring ideas in other fields and will be happy to evaluate your business plan.

You can send e-APPLICATION (and business plan) to office@incubation.iitm.ac.in

Your business plan should crisply cover the following aspects:
  1. Problem you are solving
  2. Your value proposition - how do you solve customer's problem
  3. What enables you - the magical technology or business model innovation that differentiates you
  4. Your revenue model - how will you make money, pricing etc.
  5. Sales and Marketing Strategy - how do you plan to spread the word around about your solution, how would you sell it?
  6. Management Team - Who are the main team members and advisors
  7. Financial projections - What are your cashflow projections - expenses and revenues? How much money do you need to raise as investment? When would you start breaking even operationally?